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I am from a south coastal place in India called Nellore, the Rice Capital. Though I was born in Nellore, I spent most of my time in Tirupati – the temple town in south India. After completing my engineering, I went to the prestigious institute IISc [] for my Masters. After my Masters, like any other guy, wanted to take up a campus offer and get going with life, thatz the time I met Bhaskar Enaganti & Subrata Mitra. They both took me off into an ever exciting path of start-ups. I was the founding employee of ECT Inc., along with them. After a 2 year sail with ECT, I Co-Founded the “aalaya of alliances -Aalayance” [] which gives me a immense pleasure in carving Aalayance from ground zero to a 250 people company and making it a HCL Company, working very closely with most of the IIT-Chennai Comp Sc alumnus. I was then looking for a change and got inspired by Ram Gupta’s[] move to CastIron which compelled me to join the high-profiled Norwest,Sequoia,Invesco backed start-up.

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What is naA chintAna??

Though my intention of blogging was technical specifically focussing on the integration, it did not take that long before I realized that I can share more and learn more… was thinking how could it be and what form should it be… the very process of thinking and contemplation – “Chintana” made me rephrase it to Chintana and classify it into various categories of Chintana – be it saahitya [literature], saamohika [social aspects], dainandika [day-2-day], mukti[philosophical] etc., — ummmm there is loooooot more …. and next is the action to put the same into this form -)


All the views presented in this blog are sole views and opinions of the authors / bloggers and doesn’t represent any business entity or organization or any individual in any form or shape


Written by Yadla Bharath

February 16, 2007 at 8:17 am

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