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A posting that I have done on the IT tool box reg. the Capacity considerations… thought will be good for sharing…bharath.

Hi Satyendra:

First thing, for the scenarios that you are
implemeting the instrumentation needs to be developed
based on what needs to be measured. Typically every
deployment is different and metrics defintion should
be done in accordance with the CRP if has been carried
out during the design.

Now, coming the what part, as you have presented you
those are few generally used metrics, also you may
want to add the round-trip time, time taken by each
component during the process execution, through put,
you may also want to capture the waist-point for the
same so that you have the inputs on how you can scale
up the solution as such.

Coming the stress, as per your definition, the
throughput rate should give you the details of how
many messages can be queued [this again depends on
your design choices you might have made]

Coming, to TIBCO, TIBCO cannot give any metrics which
are specific to your deployment scenarios, it can
definitely give the metrics about the products – as
you have mentioned ems.. etc., As mentioned above you
need to put the instrumentation as per your need to
tap the metrics.

Hope this helps,


Written by Yadla Bharath

May 8, 2006 at 11:33 pm

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